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    Novel – Chaotic Sword God – Chaotic Sword God

    Chapter 2936 – The Incident in the Burial Zone (One) greet talk

    When it comes to three brothers, he directly forgotten about them. Four measly Godkings ended up not truly worth his recognition.


    Currently, several jewel pillars descended from above, piercing through space with the presence of a Chaotic Excellent. It hurtled for the four Limitless Primes with super speed.

    Certain unique divine beasts would even retrieve their fact our blood far more slowly than other experts of the same realm.

    If several hundred droplets was not ample in which he necessary over the thousand, then that would be a century.

    He looked through the Room or space Band. There had been a total of some bottles of The lord Supplement of Condensing Blood vessels, so he could recoup a complete of eighty droplets of chaotic substance blood vessels through them.

    If the healing level can keep up with the lost chaotic heart and soul blood vessels is going to be completely approximately the Chaotic Entire body. I really hope the Chaotic Entire body doesn’t permit me to lower,

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    “All I could do is experiment with these Our god Tier supplements.” Jian Chen opened up space Band that senior Wind experienced supplied him. The Area Band was filled up with a lot of jade containers, all God Level supplements lacking any exception to this rule. They were all of top quality, mid standard Our god Tier products at the minimum having a wonderful couple of high grade Our god Tier supplements within the prepare.

    ” Jian Chen considered.

    “These are The lord Pills of Condensing Blood stream!”

    The Infinite Primes changed drastically in concept.

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    “The much more I see this put, the greater amount of I feel as if anything is incorrect, just like something diffrent is concealed in this particular space.”

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    But at this time, more than a dozens streaks of light chance around from afar. The leader was clearly an Limitless Best, as well as cultivators behind him ranged from Overgods to Godkings.

    Jian Chen promptly recognised many God Level supplements within the Room or space Band. Following that, he fished out a bottle of The lord Capsules of Condensing Our blood and eliminated the stopper, finding out ten The lord Drugs of Condensing Our blood being untruthful inside soundlessly.

    A God Product of Condensing Blood vessels can heal two droplets of chaotic substance blood vessels. A combat of ten can retrieve twenty droplets.


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    But at this time, more than a dozens streaks of lightweight golf shot through from afar. The leader was clearly an Unlimited Excellent, as well as the cultivators behind him ranged from Overgods to Godkings.

    “I have that feeling too. The pulses of room or space from here are certainly unnatural way too, but right here is the Burial Area all things considered. Real danger lurks around every corner. It is not easy to say whether it represents real danger or maybe not.”

    A Lord Supplement of Condensing Blood flow can recover two droplets of chaotic heart and soul our blood. A challenge of ten can recoup twenty droplets.

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    “These are Heaven Surpassing Supplements of Revival!”

    Section 2936: The Accident on the Burial Area (One)

    Considering the fact that he understood his chaotic substance blood stream may help mature Wind, Jian Chen obviously experienced almost no time to grow like well before. He experienced just missing twenty-one droplets of heart and soul blood stream, that he required to recover at the earliest opportunity.

    With regards to some siblings, he directly ignored them. Four measly Godkings had been not value his recognition.

    Section 2936: The Accident in the Burial Zone (One)

    Currently, on among the continent sections, A’Da, A’Er, A’San, and A’Si researched through some spoils.

    Jian Chen ate the nine other products inside the package within a single gulp, dedicating him or her self to recovering his chaotic fact blood vessels.

    Jian Chen right away identified quite a few Our god Level pills inside the Room or space Band. Soon after, he fished out a container of God Supplements of Condensing Blood and taken out the stopper, discovering ten Our god Tablets of Condensing Blood flow being untruthful inside silently.

    “These are God Capsules of Condensing Blood!”

    Jian Chen consumed the nine other products during the jar within a single gulp, investing himself to recouping his chaotic essence blood flow.

    Jian Chen nodded which has a laugh and cast an affirmative gaze at Shen Jian. He failed to go deep into lots of details about what experienced taken place before transforming around and getting into his divine hallway.

    A Our god Supplement of Condensing Blood flow can recoup two droplets of chaotic essence bloodstream. A conflict of ten can recoup twenty droplets.